Merlot/Gray Mist 100% Waterproof Blanket

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Blue Zoca Waterproof Blankets are designed to keep you, your bedding, mattress and furniture clean and dry. Cozy soft Velvet-Touch fleece is seamlessly fused to our Stay-Dry inner core to stop virtually any liquid you can imagine from getting through. And it’s reversible!

Whether it’s pets on your couch, dribblers on your bed, or family members with occasional incontinence, Blue Zoca has you covered. Windproof, waterproof, it’s the perfect way to stay warm and dry at the game or practice field. Great waterproof protection at home, on the go, perfect for travel/hotels..

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Customer Reviews

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Christi F.
Wonderful! Worth every penny!

I have 3 dogs and this blanket is always on my bed! We love it!

Exactly what I was looking for.

Exactly what I was hoping for ... saved my expensive comfort from getting wet many times. Easy to clean, just threw it in the washer. Not meant for a day to day blanket if that's what you're looking for, does feel a little stiff. Also, takes a bit to dry though since they say not to put it in the dryer. Well worth the purchase.


Jury is still out on being waterproof. No pet accidents yet!👍🏻 Great quality, soft and seems to be very durable. Washed with a extra spin cycle and dried on low for 1 hour 15 minutes on low. Looks like new again. Purchased the red. Would recommend.

Nikki Zmarich
Works great for winter layer

I bought this item for initmate times. I was tired of doing laundry and thought this would be a great way to protect the bed/mattress. I placed the blanket on the bed and was planning on removing for sleeping. I was too tired to remove so slept on it. Wow, better than flannel - was very warm, cozy & soft. I also found it easier to turn in bed with the "valour" on the blanket rather than on sheets. I can't rate the liquid proof - haven't had any incidents to rate.

Update: When ready to wash took to a laundromat and placed in a 3-loader machine. When wash done the blanket was still full of water. The owner of the laundromat said that this material soaks up liquid, better to place in a larger washer that will spin faster to remove the water.