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Blue Zoca

Premium 100% Waterproof Blanket For Indoors & Outdoors - Full Size 65"x80"

Premium 100% Waterproof Blanket For Indoors & Outdoors - Full Size 65"x80"

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 Be ready when you need it.

Snowing or raining? Use Blue Zoca for waterproof car seat protection.
Going out? Use it as a waterproof picnic blanket.
Going camping? Blue Zoca makes an excellent waterproof camping blanket.
Snacking on the couch? We got you covered!

Unlike other water-resistant blankets, this is a truly waterproof blanket, designed for use anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Anywhere your dog or your people go, anywhere you need comfortable, warm, waterproof peace of mind.

Blue Zoca will help you live your life, 100% waterproof guaranteed.


Designed by dog owners, our pet blankets are truly waterproof, durably soft, with strong, engineered hem stitching that won’t slip or skid. You can use this blanket indoors and outdoors as a pee-proof, mud proof blanket for your pet. Use as a waterproof couch cover, dog bed cover, or as a waterproof blanket for your bed - wherever your pet sleeps.


Our 100% waterproof blanket is the perfect blanket to take camping. Because it’s completely waterproof, it makes a great insulating layer to keep you warm outdoors, and to protect you from the cold and damp ground.


Yes, you can machine wash it, and dry it on low heat.

Our blankets have a flexible, breathable waterproof core. Your blanket will look and perform like new wash after wash after wash.


We build our waterproof protection right in - it can’t wash out or wear off. Period. Nothing leaks thru a Blue Zoca.

Our folded hem won’t rip or fray, it’s part of the blanket itself; not like the inferior stitched-on edges or nylon bindings our competitors use.

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Designed to provide 100% waterproof, leakproof protection

Blue Zoca Has You Covered


Our blanket was designed with the perfect weight, thickness, and fabric texture so you can put it on top of a bed or couch - or under a person sleeping - and it stays put.

No bunching. No skidding or slipping. 


Designed to lay on top of a bed, our blankets are also perfectly sized to fit under or over sheets like a waterproof pad.

Unlike a waterproof sheet, Blue Zoca blankets are also warm and soft, so they provide cushion and comfort - and the right amount of warmth for sleeping - with 100% waterproof protection.


Because our 100% waterproof blankets are designed for functionality and softness, their
weight and texture make them perfect for tucking under couch cushions as a furniture protector.