Blue Zoca Waterproof Blankets are thoughtfully designed to provide luxurious 100% fluid-proof, leak-proof protection throughout your home. The secret is our Stay-Dry core -- a flexible, whisper-thin waterproof membrane cleverly fused between two layers of absorbent, velvety fleece fabric that looks and feels like a regular blanket. It’s unbelievably quiet with no crinkly, plastic-y, diaper-y sound, so you can leave it on your bed or couch 24/7 for discreet, worry-free protection. Because Blue Zoca blankets are fully reversible and absorbent on both sides, they won’t bunch or slide. Most importantly, they’re just so luxurious, you won’t believe it’s waterproof.

That’s the beauty of Blue Zoca’s waterproof blankets -- use them anytime, anywhere. We love hearing from our customers and learning about the creative ways they’re using their blankets. Here are just a few of them, and the possibilities are endless!
- Adult sex blanket
- Massages using oils and lubricants
- Period protection
- Post-partum
- Bladder leakage/incontinence
- Couch and, sofa protection for dog and cat owners
- Stay-dry seating for outdoor sports, stadiums, bleachers, concerts, camping, beach, festivals
- Car seat cover for dogs

A sex blanket is a blanket that's literally made for sex!  It's made with a waterproof, leak-proof core that stops liquid from leaking though and ruining your bedding and mattress.  It should be large enough to cover the top of your bed -- no need for it to drape down over the sides like a bedspread or comforter because, well, there's nothing happening on the sides of your mattress.

The best ones are made from super velvety micro fleece so they feel great against bare skin.  And micro fleece is kinda grippy, so it generally won't shift around during use.

Some sex blankets can feel stiff and sound crinkly or diaper-like -- that's because the waterproof core is too thick for the weight of the fleece.  A well made waterproof sex blanket like Blue Zoca's will be pliable and virtually noiseless.

Because sex can get wet and messy, a waterproof blanket works great to keep fluids from soaking through and ruining your bedding and mattress.  Since they usually cover just the top of your bed, they're easy to toss aside so you can slip into clean, dry sheets and deal with any wet mess the next morning.  Much better than having to change the sheets!  And because they look like a regular blanket, you can keep one folded neatly on the foot of your bed so it can be ready whenever you are.

Other standbys like towels aren't really a great option -- although they're absorbent, they're not waterproof, and you run the risk of leakage. 

Mattress pads?  Um, NOT sexy.  And the ones with straps or elastic aren't as easy to remove, but in a pinch, they're better than nothing.

Drop cloth?  Seriously?  Drop cloths are for painters and serial killers.  Do.Not.Even.

A period sex blanket is a blanket that's made with a waterproof, leak-proof core designed to stop blood and other fluids from leaking through and ruining your bedding and mattress.  It also makes a great layer between you and your bottom sheet to keep it clean and dry during the night.

No need to swear off sex just because you're on your period.  As long as both partners are OK with it, there's nothing harmful or "wrong" about enjoying sex during that time of the month, when many women report feeling especially sexy.

For easy cleanup, a dark color is best -- choose one that's black, charcoal gray or dark navy.  Blue Zoca offers a great selection of colors that are ideal for period protection.

"Standard" sizes for blankets are as follows:
- Queen: 90 x 90 to 100 inches
- King: 108 x 90 to 100 inches
Keep in mind that the size of a “standard” blanket can vary based on the depth of the mattress, how much coverage you want, whether you want it to hang to the floor, and so on. Blue Zoca blankets are designed to protect your bedding and furniture from spills and wetness, so they go UNDER you, on TOP of your bedding, so they only need to cover the top of your mattress.

NO!! Unlike blankets that are sprayed or coated with a waterproof finish, Blue Zoca's waterproof protection is built right into the blanket. We fuse a flexible layer of liquid-proof TPU between two layers of super soft fleece. Since the protection is built in, it can't wash or wear away.However, high heat will damage the TPU layer – which is why we recommend washing in cold water and line drying your Blue Zoca blanket or using the no heat setting on your dryer.

Heat will deteriorate the waterproof component of ANY waterproof blanket, so you need to be sure to wash using only cold or lukewarm water.  Pre-treat any stains before washing with a non-chlorine stain remover, then wash separately on the gentle cycle using your regular detergent.  A good quality waterproof blanket may be very heavy when wet, so you may need to run it through an extra spin cycle or two.  But the more water you can remove, the easier and faster it will be to dry your blanket.

Line drying is best, but you can also dry most waterproof blankets in your dryer as long as you use the lowest possible heat setting (and the air only setting is always your best choice).

Never use fabric softeners or dryer sheets on your waterproof blanket -- they contain ingredients that actually make fabrics LESS absorbent.

Oil stains of any kind are a problem for most fabrics, including fleece. Here are some suggestions for removing them:

1. Blot as much oil as possible as soon as the spill occurs, using paper towels. Don't rub, which could cause the oil to spread.
2. Apply powder to the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes. You can use baby powder, baking soda, talcum powder, or cornstarch. Sprinkle the powder over the oil and let it sit for 30 minutes to absorb as much oil as possible. Then shake the blanket, vacuum or use a spoon to scrape the oil and powder away. Repeat if you can still see the stain.
3. Next, rinse the stain with cool water, then apply a few drops of regular dish soap to the stain. Scrub the soap into the stain with a toothbrush, then rinse again with cool water. (Avoid using soaps with added moisturizers.)
4. Launder separately as usual in cold water with your usual laundry detergent. Remember, no fabric softeners -- they make fabrics less absorbent!
5. Line dry only -- DO NOT use your dryer until you're sure the stain is COMPLETELY gone! Placing ANY kind of oil-stained fabric in the dryer can cause combustion, so DON'T DO IT!!!
6. If the stain remains, repeat the above, or consult your local dry cleaner.

Oil of any kind on ANY kind of fabric can be tricky to remove, but your Blue Zoca blanket is an investment, so the time and effort you put into keeping it stain-free are well worth it!

Also known as gushing or female ejaculation, this refers to a woman who expels fluid during or before orgasm.  It's different than the natural lubrication most women produce during sex, both in volume and composition (although the makeup of the fluid is a topic of some disagreement among experts and medical professionals).  Many women report "squirting" after stimulation of the G-spot.  And many women report never squirting (or caring if they ever do).

First, don't panic! You haven't ruined your blanket and you can remedy the situation. Just add half a cup of WHITE vinegar to the wash the next time you launder your blanket (the vinegar smell will dissipate as your blanket dries).Fabric softeners contain ingredients, and dryer sheets are coated with a sticky residue, that make your laundry FEEL soft, but they make fabrics less absorbent. Kind of like coating paper with wax -- water runs right off of it, yes? Great for wrapping your lunch, not so great for your blanket. Liquids won't seep through, but they can run right off and end up where you don't want them, which is why we recommend NOT using them!

YES! Just send us an email outlining your needs and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Our “Happiness Assured” policy means we aren’t happy unless you are. If your Blue Zoca blanket isn’t everything you hoped for, just contact us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll arrange for you to send it back. We charge a flat $10 fee to cover the cost of return shipping, and we’ll provide you with a shipping label so you can send your blanket back to us.We do require that your blanket be washed and dried prior to returning and that you include the storage bag you received with your order.Please note that Blue Zoca blankets purchased on Amazon must be returned to Amazon.

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