About Us

We’re Heather and Laura, the creative forces behind Blue Zoca Inc. We may be in charge but we wouldn’t even exist without Josie and Buddy, our Golden Doodle and Schnauzer/Scottish Terrier rescues. They’re each our third child, our love bug, a member of our families, every bit as much as our husbands and sons are. We love them and they adore us too.

We created our Blue Zoca Waterproof Blankets to make it easier to let our dogs be a part of our everyday life without sacrificing cleanliness, style and comfort in our homes. Our pups test every blanket we design and if they don’t like them, we won’t sell them.

That’s what Blue Zoca is all about — creating high quality products that make it easier for you and your pet to feel at home together.

— Blue Zoca