About Us

How Blue Zoca Started

Heather and Laura wanted their dogs to be a part of their everyday life without sacrificing cleanliness, style, and comfort. That's why they created Blue Zoca 100% Waterproof Blankets.

Josie the Golden Doodle rescue and Buddy the Schnauzer/Scottish Terrier rescue tested every blanket design created and if they didn't like it, the blanket went back to the drawing board. Finally, the 100% truly waterproof, strong yet soft blanket called Blue Zoca was invented.

Then a surprising thing happened.

Heather and Laura discovered with their busy families that the blankets were great for outdoor trips, camping, and sporting events too. The waterproof lining provided warmth and protection everywhere they went - with people or pets.

The Legacy Continues

Blue Zoca is now a part of Sorfeo, Inc. We're a small team here in the USA who is proud to get Blue Zoca blankets into more lives. Like Heather and Laura, we use these blankets too, and so do our pets Oscar the Australian Labradoodle and Leo the Teddy Bear.

We know there are a lot of blankets to choose from in the world, but there is no other blanket on the market with the perfect balance of strong, soft, and 100% waterproofing that Blue Zoca has.

After all, these blankets are Josie and Buddy approved. And Oscar and Leo approved. And your dog or people approved too, when you say yes to Blue Zoca.