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Designed to provide 100% waterproof, leakproof protection for people and their pets

Protects your bedding, comforter, mattress and furniture from the drips, drool, paws and claws that come with owning pets

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No more wet spots or soggy sheets

The ideal dog-proof, cat-proof solution

One blanket, two stylish looks

Discreet protection that looks and feels like a regular blanket

Our 65” x 80” Blanket Has You Covered, No Matter What Size Bed You Have

Our advanced Stay-Dry lining is seamlessly laminated between two layers of velvet-soft fleece for virtually noiseless protection.

The highest quality fabric and superior construction means comfort and protection that will last and last.

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Use it Any Time, Anywhere


“So thankful we purchased this
blanket – it’s really saved our bed linens.”

Kristie S., Louisville, KY

“Just the right thickness, not too heavy and not
too light; soft and velvety smooth; perfect
cover for our queen size bed . . . “ 

Alana L., New York

“No more shivering on the sidelines!  Big
enough to keep us both warm and dry
while we watch our son’s matches.”

Tom J., Long Island, NY

“Protects my  couch and bed from my dog’s dirty, wet
paws (she loves to run in from outside and zip all over).”

Amy L., Towson, MD

“Love that I can leave this out on my bed and it
blends right in.”

Bill C., Greenwich, CT

“So stylish – and really easy to clean.  I just throw it in
the wash and it comes out looking like new every time!”

Amanda S., Santa Monica, CA